Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend of Awesomeness

So this weekend was pretty much awesome. We were supposed to go to Cali for a wedding, which didn't end up happening, so The Husband had the whole weekend off! Wahoo! In addition to a weekend that I saw him for more than like 5 hours, this girly was in town:

She's one of my besties, and moved back to Cali the day after we graduated. Foolish.
But she's getting married in July! And I'm a bridesmaid! And she was in town for her wedding dress fitting! AND she stayed with us Friday and Saturday! Awesome!
So we went to The House of Texas Road Friday night with our friends from ASU.
And know what else is awesome? The fact that my head is twice the size of Kristen's
Kara and Toni

Katrina and Kristen

And on top of awesome food, this little miss was super smiley ALL WEEKEND! I could just eat her up!

On Saturday, we had Kristen's second and third dress fittings, so she could take it back with her to Cali. We ate at Paradise Bakery for lunch, and on the way to the airport we made a little pit stop:
(I was so scared I was shaking. I totally wanted to back out but Husband really wanted to do it)

The first earring went in, and the waterworks me!


And so did Lovey..

But after a few minutes of tears we were all happy and ready for a classy family photo in the mall!
After saying goodbye to Kristen, Lovey Lou and I hung out while Husband got his mane, I mean, hair, cut off. Hey! There's the man I married! I may have actually said that afterward.

And to top off a great weekend, we snuggled!

I love these two more than anything. What made your weekend great?