Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh the Drugs...

So. As you all know, because I wasn't too quiet about it, this summer was horrible for me. As in the bane of my existence, HELL, a crapfest all around, you get my drift. I enjoyed this summer about as much as I enjoy having my entrails cut out and BURNED! I spent basically the entire summer like this, except replace that toilet with one of my mixing bowls we received for our wedding that I'm pretty sure I will never use again:
Not fun.
But then, a light appeared at the end of the tunnel, in the form of a little yellow pill!
Oh Zofran, how I love thee.
The sweet release you give my poor, achy little tummy.
You saved me heart, body, and soul this summer.
We shall never be apart as long as my womb is being rented by a vicious (although very cute) little tenant.
You see folks, I love this medicine. Probably too much. What is that doctor? You want to ween me off my miracle drug that brings me light and joy? Ok yes I will do that.
secretly pops sweet yellow pill in mouth
But then, last week something terrible happened. I ran out. Ok no big deal Erica, call in a refill. Looks at budget. No money! AAAHHH runs around in a fit of despair. Don't panic, i can do this. And to my surprise, I could. I wasn't feeling too crappy so I thought hey I must REALLY be over the worst of it! I can totally not take this anymore!
cue evil laughter from the depths of the womb
The fetus had a plan. A plan to make her mother hate life all over again! Hello, fetus, am I not the one who gave you life? Gives you food? Sings sweet songs to you to make you happy? Heck, I contributed in making you so darn cute, because I know you totally are! And do you see all those cute clothes over there? Those are for you when you decide to grace us with your presence. And sure, I may shine a flashlight in your eyes, or poke at you occasionally to get you to move, but cut a woman some slack she just wants to know you're still ok in there! Sheesh! No need to go all summer of 09 on her again!
Yes, the unthinkable happened. I woke up this morning barfing. Barf. Heaving. No no no I thought, I can't do this again! My body has been riddled with enough! So I continued getting ready, decided to try to go to student teaching anyway, where I was told I looked green. Perfect.
After throwing up in the trash can and having to track down the janitor, I decided to call it a day. I just didn't want to be running into the hall every ten minutes to empty the contents of my stomach so the fetus could have a little more play room!
I called my mom just to vent my situation a little where I got a butt chewing about letting my meds run out. But mom! money! it's expensive! But she just wouldn't have it. And guess what she did? Went and got it for me. Geez I have the best madre ever. I'm sure she wasn't complaining about me when my little fetus form made her miserable.
So anyyywwwaaayyy...long story short...I heart Zofran.
The End

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Big Announcement

So...I'm a bit of a dork. I didn't like the way I told my family about being pregnant, because I thought it was a little lame. I have heard of so many cute ways people tell their families, but I just couldn't contain myself long enough to plan anything so I just told them that night. So when the time came to tell them the gender, I really wanted to do something cute. But then again it's ME we're talking about and I'm not that creative. So after 18 weeks I still couldn't come up with anything. This is how the morning went down:

*Find out it's a girl

*I decide I'm starving and must have a bagel from Einsteins NOW so we leave the doctor's to get one, and Albert tells me he's going to call his mom and tell her. We had decided not to tell anyone from my fam til that night so we could do something cute, but then when I actually found out I was so anxious and couldn't wait!

*Go get a pink It's A Girl balloon and surprise my mom at her work. She about peed her pants because she thought she was going to have to wait until that night. She convinces us to drive out to Phoenix and surprise my dad at his work. I already told my mom, so what the heck??

*Go to walmart and get this shirt: (We're a big D-Backs family)

*Drove out to was at lunch. We hung it on his door and hid in his office, then when he came back he was all surprised and happy and gave us hugs and congratulated Albert on not being able to make boys either.

*When we were at my parent's later that night, Albert accidentally slipped to my little sister that it was a girl. So she already knew, so did my parents. They all played it off for the other 2 sisters though and acted like they didn't know. My mom went a little overboard and actually got mad at them for not being on time because "she really wanted to find out!!!"

*We hung the shirt on our little chalkboard door and covered it with a sheet

*Albert guarded it with his life and wouldn't let anyone peek.

*Everyone waited and waited and finally everyone was there

*TADA!!! It's a girl! Hugs, screams, you know how it is...

So everyone was real excited. After having all girls in my family, we know girls....We can do this!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

IT'S A.....

YAY!! We had our ultrasound today and found out our baby is a girl! We are beyond thrilled, and not at all surprised. I had an extremely realistic and special dream when I was in the hospital that it was a girl and ever since then I have one hundred percent thought it was a girl. Don't get me wrong, I would have been happy with a little boy too, but I'm glad my intuition was right! Now I get to start planning all the cute things I can do!!!