Thursday, March 18, 2010

Boob Juice

Oh how I love my body. Insert tone of sarcasm. For the past, oh, year and a half or so I've been having some chest pain. During my pregnancy it happened all. the. time. Well a couple weeks ago it happened a few times, really bad. Long story short, spent 8 hours in the ER, didn't find anything of course, and it was overnight so I had to leave Rubes with my sister while Albert and I were at the hospital. I didn't have a backup supply of milk so Miss Ruby had to take formula. SHE LOVED IT! Not. It was sooo sad! She would hardly take a bottle all night and because I had to have a cat scan I couldn't nurse for 2 days because of what they injected me with. So what I'm trying to say is, it was horrible. Poor little girl would look at me like I had betrayed her!
Fast forward to this past Tuesday. I had to have some follow up tests done on my galbladder to see if that's the perpetrator causing all this ruckus, and what did they have to do? Inject me with some radioactive crap again. So what happens to Miss Ruby? She goes on formula again. She does ok with just a bottle or two of formula if I have to leave her, but being on it straight does not agree with her little body. It goes all "Erica at 7 months pregnant" on her and she can't poop! I feel ya girl...I feel ya. No bueno. Anyway, today I was allowed to start nursing again, happy day!
Because I was really getting sad seeing faces like this when I couldn't give her what she wanted.
And I was SUPER happy to see faces like this when she got the boob juice!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Family Birthday and a Blessing

Two days ago, the 7th, was mine and the hubby's one year anniversary! A few weeks ago I read on this lovely blog that they call anniversaries a Family Birthday. I just love that! Since it was on a Sunday we couldn't go out and do anything, so on Friday afternoon we dropped Ruby off at my parent's house and headed up to Payson for the night. It was so much fun, we went out to eat, saw a movie, antique shopped, actually slept through the night, and just enjoyed having one another's undivided attention. However, it was really hard for me to leave my Lovey. I made it as far as my parent's driveway before I broke down in tears. Albert tried to tell me we could take her, but I knew we needed time together so i had my few moments of sadness and we were on our way.

On our actual family birthday, Sunday, we saw no better way to celebrate than to bless our Lovey in church!
It was such a special day.
My wonderful husband blessed our little girl,
she wore my blessing dress which my great-great-grandpa, so her 3-great-grandpa, bought me,
and we were surrounded by so many family and friends.

Four generations:
My Grandma Millican
My Mother

The Hubby's parents and two of his siblings even came over from California!
(For those looking at Albert and his parents and thinking what the?!...he's adopted)
It was a wonderful day.
Good friends, good family, good food.
We got to witness the power of the priesthood,
feel the love of all those who have helped us get where we are in our lives,
and most importantly, be a part of the greatest blessing we have been given:
our family.
We couldn't have asked for anyone more perfect.