Thursday, November 27, 2008

IN 100 DAYS....

I will be someone's wife!

Yep, that's right....I'm Engaged!!!

Ok so heres the story, buckle up it's a long one:

So The Boy is in cosmotology school (no, he's not gay! obviously!) and whenever he has to test out of anything that they learned I'll go in and be his model. Believe me, I'm really reaping the benefits of his schooling. I get my hair done, manicures, and yesterday was facials. So I go into his school in the morning and as I'm signing in he comes out with this huge bouquet of flowers. The prettiest bouquet ever! And he's like "sorry I've been so absent lately." And of course I'm thinking what the crap! I get flowers just because we don't hang out for two days! Sweet! So I was really happy but he has to be very professional so I couldn't hug him or anything. So then they take us back to the room where they'll be doing the facials. Ps has anyone ever gotten a facial? They're amazing. So relaxing. So they have the room all set up for us models with little beds for us to lay on, and the lights are dimmed, and there's music playing, it was great. So I lay down, and he wraps me up all tight in this blanket thing and wraps my head up in a towel. (As far as me looking good when he proposed, he picked an awful time. I had NO makeup on, i'm all wrapped up in this thing...bad news bears for me. But it makes for a funny story) So it's like halfway through the facial, I'm super relaxed, and he moves to the arm massage part. He does my right arm first, then moves to my left. As I'm laying there I noticed he wasn't massaging my hand very hard, he was just kinda rubbing my fingers. Then he stops massaging all together, and when he touches my hand again I could feel him sliding the ring on my finger. My eyes were closed, so of course I pop them open and there he is, big grin, staring at me, sliding the ring onto my finger. I was in complete shock. Then he drops to his knee and says "Erica, will you marry me?" And what do I do? Start laughing! Yes laughing. Not bad laughing, just in complete shock I can't believe this is happening laughing. I even covered my face!

So finally I stop laughing and I look at the BEAUTIFUL ring on my finger, then look at My Boy, and say YES! So he stands up and kisses me...

This was when I hear someone say smile for the camera. So I tilted my head back and see someone with a video camera and smile at it for a few seconds, then I realize it's my sister Amber! I was like what are you doing here! Then my older sister Ashley popped out from behind me with a camera too! So Ash and Amber were taping and taking pictures, and my mom was getting a facial too so she's laying in the bed next to me, and there's like 16 other people in the room too, it was so embarrassing but really funny. I couldn't stop laughing though, and I even cried a little, I just kept covering my face I couldn't believe what was going on!! And I was still wrapped up in the blasted blanket!

So then we had to pose for a few pictures before the teacher kicked my sisters out so the students could finish their test. It was torture....he had to take the ring back off and go back to doing the facial and I just had to lay there for another 15 minutes not allowed to move or do anything! I hadn't even hugged him yet! I was getting so antsy and just wanted to stand up and hug My Boy. (I know, I look ridiculous!)

So when they were all done I hopped off the table and gave him a big hug and asked for my ring back! Everyone was saying congratulations, some clapped, it was really fun. Then when I walked out of the room and through the school everyone kept saying congratulations, so of course the entire school was in on it! So was my family, they all knew. Those sneaky little devils! Here's my GORGEOUS RING!

I can't stop looking at it, I love it, I love him, and now My Boy, My Man, Mr. Albert James my fiance!!!! AHHHH!!!!! So everyone SAVE THE DATE of March 7 cuz we're gettin hitched baby!!!

March 7, 2009 here we come!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just Breathe

As happy as I am lately, it's still so easy to get caught up in the everyday stresses.
School=horrid right now. Why I ever thought it was a good idea to take 20 credits, I don't know. My judgement was obviously very clouded that day. I am counting down the days until the semester is over and I can finally get a good night's sleep.
Work=ok but a little stressful. I need to find a 2nd job also.
Any suggestions anyone?
Having no money. I know this one is very typical of college students. But it's still stressful. Especially around the holidays. I would like nothing more than to shower all my loved ones with gifts galore, but alas, no mulah. They will just have to settle for some lovely handmades.
Being extremely impatient with The Boy....
for obvious reasons...
These things stress me out, freak me out, turn me gray, etc....but then i look around, and I realize just how truly blessed i am:
(in no particular order)
1. I have an amazing family
2. I have the most charming of friends
3. I have the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life
4. I work with two of the most amazing, special children on the planet
5. I have everything I need to be happy. Maybe not everything I want :) but everything I need
6. And I have a sweet, wonderful, incredibly amazing Boy that loves me.
My Man, My Man, My Man. Oh how I love him!
I LOVE this quote by President Gordon B. Hinckley. It helps me sit back, relax, and just breathe...
Things will work out. Keep trying.
Be believing. Be happy.
Don't get discouraged.
Things will work out.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


he makes me as happy as a bird with a french fry :)

Friday, November 14, 2008


Ok so I was looking at our fridge today, and realized...
there are a billion weddings coming up!!
Reception tonight (congrats Kali and Kason!)
Reception next weekend, the weekend after that,
several in December, TONS in January (including my little sis!)...
When's the madness gonna stop?!?
Ok, my rant is over! Happy Weekend!
PS: The Boy and I are going tonight to look at sparklers!! AAHHHH!!
I'm hoping to find something like this:

Just kidding :)

Friday, November 7, 2008


is NOT my
friend's middle name.
Ok, I know no one gets that.
It's an inside joke between me &
The Boy.
But really...
is something that is VERY hard for me lately.