Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Big Birthday Party For A Big Birthday Girl

This weekend we threw a birthday carnival for my birthday girl.
It was weeks in the making and in my opinion, it went smashingly!
I bought a kit on Etsy which allowed me to print off everything and put it together.
Invitations, decorations, party hats, signs, and pretty much everything else you need for a carnival birthday.
I was exhausted after it was over, but it was so worth it!

Ps: I never thought I'd be that mom that throws the massive party for their kid that won't even remember it. But I am, and I loved how it all turned out!

The birthday girl coming out to see her party

I love this dress I found in an antique store a few weeks ago. The red and white stripes reminded me of a vintage circus

The dessert table, and a very festive great grandpa.

I LOVE how her cake turned out, and I kept the mini banner to put in her baby book. 

Carnival games

 Awesome friends making popcorn and cotton candy, which was a hit!

 Rubes loved the bean bag toss we made

We also set up a photobooth with tons of fun props for the guests to take pictures, and I'm going to send them out with the thank you cards. It was a big hit!

And this awesome couple flew in from California JUST for Ruby's party! How amazing is that?!
Kristen is one of my best friends and Ruby's godmother (ya ya, I know Mormons don't really have godparents, but whatever, Ruby does, and Kristen is amazing at it.)
(ps I don't know why these look so washed out on blogger, they look normal otherwise)
Ruby was showered with lots of great presents from friends and family, and then we stripped her down to her skivvies and let her have at her cake!

Which she obviously really enjoyed!

I really couldn't have been happier with the way it all turned out.
Everyone seemed to have a great time, kids and adults alike, and despite Ruby being super tired and clingy, I think she had a fun time too.

We love our Ruby girl!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today, my baby girl turns one.
I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little sad.
She has grown up so fast!

It seems like just yesterday I was here:

And now we're here:

Ruby Mae brings me so much joy and happiness every day.
I am completely enamored with her.
Her smile, her laugh, her kisses, her constant wonder at this big world around her.
And I want to give her the whole world. 

Happy Birthday baby girl.
I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always.
For all of eternity, my baby you'll be.