Monday, August 31, 2009


It's that time again!
I try to post a bumpalicious picture every 4 weeks to track my progress. Last time I was a few weeks late, so for those of you getting sick of the baby bump...too bad! :) I am 18 weeks tomorrow so let's just call this the 18 week baby bump! Personally, I like the way it looks. I am very comfortable in my skin these days (well I'm technically very uncomfortable, physically, but looks wise I'm good!) and don't mind my belly growing. It's a reminder there's actually a little miracle inside me! And now for some other good news...

Tomorrow we find out what we are having!! I am beyond thrilled, a little nervous, and definitely anxious. I haven't even had an ultrasound so I just want to see the little one! So stay tuned for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!

*Edited to add: What do you think of the haircut? The hubbster did it :)

Monday, August 24, 2009


Last weekend the fam and Albert and I packed up and headed to Cali for the weekend before school started for most of them. I had already been student teaching for 2 weeks and Aubrey had been in school for 2 weeks too, but for the other 3 college kids it was a last hoorah! before school started. It was so fun. I am exhausted and don't feel like writing a lot (ya right, I always say that and end up writing a novel) so I'll let the pictorals do most of the talking.

I lalalalove the beach. We checked into the hotel and headed straight to huntington beach for a little bee bee que. PS I also enjoy this picture of me. I look so happy.
Don't mind my shiny boobs commonly called headlights when this happens.
More often than you think.
The flash just likes to reflect off my bra.
Aint no thang.

Nothing like a weenie roast and smores on the beach.

This is what la padre has to do when he offends la madre.

Feeling Free.
Ignore the headlights :)

This is what happens when you combine a crappy camera with moisture in the air.
My whole family minus Ashley.
Don't you love how my little sisters tower over me?

This is also what happens when Erik and Albert get together.
Their gay sides come out.

At night Amber read out of the scriptures to us.
I was listening, I promise.
I just documented it by taking pictures of everyone and of myself laying in bed looking sexy in pjs and no makeup. Love it

I love my husband. He makes me smile

I hope I'm as cute and still in love as my grandparents when I'm their age.

This is how I spent the whole day. In a lounge chair, watching my husband play,
workin' the floppy hat.
I'm not sure if I pulled off the look, but I sure enjoyed trying.

We rented beach cruisers and rode up and down Newport across the ferry to Balboa Island.
My dad rode tandem with his mom.

I love Newport Beach. There is ALWAYS something going on and some form of entertainment.
This old black fella stole my heart with his amazing rendition of Unchained Melody.
He was also a bit insane.

Old man+wind pipes+pocahontas music+little hip wiggle=entertainment at it's finest.

Newport Pier. I love this man.

I almost lost my hat to the wind. I took care of that.

Huntington Beach regular who hammers a nail into his nose.
Yet I stayed and watched the entire thing.

And I'll end with this gem

It was a great weekend.
I was sad to come home and get back to reality.
Cali, I will be back SOON!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

14 Weeks

This picture was taken 2 weeks ago but I never got around to posting it. I am now 16 weeks and look basically the same but this was taken at 14 weeks. I am constantly reminded of how "big I am." Thanks family. I'm sticking with the story that I am short and have no torso so the baby has nowhere to go but out, as I have read online several places. It makes sense. Considering I have LOST a ton of weight, not put on any, I can't say it's weight gain that is making me big. I don't really like these pregnancy pictures because I always look like I'm sick, and my boobs look weird in them. Boobs is a funny word. So anyway here is the 14 week baby bump:

I went to the doctor today for my physical exam, since I had yet to have any sort of appointment that actually did anything besides talk to me or ask "are you sick? are you puking?" After today I would rather have those talking appointments. Nothing like stripping down and having an old man all up in my goodies. How do they just look at you and try to carry on a normal conversation while they're doing that?! I mean hello sir, that is my boob you are squeezing, can I please just stare at the ceiling in embarrassed silence or do we really need to discuss your childhoood? You are old enough to be my grandpa. Oh great, now I just imagined my grandpa in this situation. Awkward. And one other thing. Warning: If you don't like female reproductive words or want to know my personal biznass, stop reading. So to recap: strip down, old man doctor, legs in know the drill. Wait, I'm sorry, did you just ask me if I wanted to see my own cervix?! As in, the inside of my yayhoo?? thank you. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. That is one thing I never need to see. DO WOMEN REALLY DO THAT?!

Ok, enough about my lovely appointment. I just thought it was an interesting start to the day. Women with babies: Have you had any weird situations like that? Do you feel as uncomfortable at these appointments as I do? Hit me up with your stories, I really want to know.

Sidenote: I really do like my doctor. He's fab. But cervix???

Thursday, August 6, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

Yay Jeanine!!!
SYTYCD Season 5 Winner!

My sister, mom, and I are very into this show,
and our favorite from this season took the big win!!

We were STOKED, to say the least.

This girl can DANCE!

Not to mention she is GORGEOUS!

She definitely had some memorable moments this season,
including this sexy little number:

What the folk???