Monday, June 28, 2010


...this one. Do you own TOMS? Do you love TOMS? You should. They're like heaven on your feet. I'm just sayin...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Really Really REALLY

want to win this giveaway! I la la LOVE Vintage Pearl!

Monday, June 21, 2010

My Love

To My Love,

I know this is a day late, and you'll probably never see this because you don't read my blog, but I want to say it anyway:

I love you.

Yesterday was your first official Father's Day with a child. Last year didn't count, since I was pregnant and sick as a dog and wrote "get yourself The Office Season 5. Happy Father's Day" on the bottom of the grocery list because I was too lame and sick to go myself. But of course, as is your style, you didn't utter a word of complaint. I tried to make this Father's Day much better for you, especially because it was your birthday as well.

Happy Birthday My Love.

You have made me happier than I ever thought I could be. You loved me when I thought I was broken. You love me so much now even when I don't deserve all the love you give me. You are patient, kind, generous, humble, smart, funny, handsome, and you make me....MORE ME.

You are an amazing father to Our Lovey. You have exceeded all of my expectations for you as a father. I knew you would be a good dad, but you are even better than I could have ever imagined. The love you have for our little girl amazes me every day, and she loves you so much. She told me :)
Thank you for everything you are as a husband, father, priesthood holder, and as my best friend.

Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday My Love!

Friday, June 18, 2010


So... you like this?

The clip, not the adorable winking child. You can't have her!
Or these?

Or this?
Well you're in luck! Soon I'm going to be selling them and you can have one too! Headbands, hair clips, necklaces, belts, bracelets, etc etc etc.

Get excited!

I know I am!


I have always had ridiculously thick hair. I love it. Wait, I hate it. I've never been able to decide.
It's a pain in the butt to do sometimes, and my mom used to buy me shampoo and conditioner for horses, but it makes for pretty hair once it's done.
And then I got married, and for some reason my hair started falling out.
Stress? Lack of sleep? I have no idea, but it literally started falling out a ton once I got married.
Then I was pregnant and it slowed a little but would still fall out a lot.
Then I birthed this little beauty:

bahahahaha this picture makes me laugh every time I see it. She used to make the best faces!

And this started happening:

Oh this is nothing. You should see when I'm in the shower. Except...that would mean you'd have to be in the shower with me, and that ain't happening. You can keep on dreamin'
You should see my tile floor, the area I get ready, my shower walls, my pillowcase, my carpet (I pretty much forbid anyone to sit on our floor because it's so bad. Our vacuum is broken, but the carpet hides it...unless you're down near the carpet. Don't look). Pretty much we're living in hair.
It's everywhere! I can feel my hair thinning out because it falls out in chunks. A friend a few weeks ago said it is looking thinner. Blast.
So basically what I'm saying is, if you see a bald woman runnin around Mesa with a baby that looks like the one pictured above, don't be alarmed.
It's just me and Rubes.


I would really really love to win this giveaway! (scroll down to the bottom) The aqua and red one would look so darling in My Lovey's room and I've been swooning over it for a while now.

Also, this one. From the same shop and I La La Love them. :)

I'm funny, I know. :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We Start 'Em Young

Last Friday night My Lovey and I headed out to good 'ol Phoenix for the Diamondbacks game with my parents. This is a typical Friday night for us, hangin' with the rents while My Love works. Exciting? You know it. We first stopped off at a little hole in the wall mexican restaurant that my parents love, but to be honest, all it did for me was make me pass enough gas to power a hot air balloon. Carolinas, me and my intestines will probably not be back to visit.

But I digress...the most important thing is that this was My Lovey's first Diamondbacks game! First of any kind of sport actually. AND...she got to wear her first D-Backs tee! And she looked so adorable. My family has been big D-Backs fans right from the beginning, so naturally we had to start Lovey off as a fan when she was young! She did so good, she loved all the lights and sounds that were going on. I wish My Love could have been there to see her enjoy it. I so appreciate all his hard work and how much he does to provide for me and Ruby, working two jobs so I can stay home with her, but the practically a single mom thing can get lonely sometimes. And I know it's hard on him having to miss so many moments with her. But anyway, back to the game.

We hung out...

Enjoyed the game...

Napped a little bit...

And hung out with grandpa...My Lovey is such a grandpa's girl, it's really cute how much she lights up when he's around!

Even though the D-Backs lost, it was still a really fun night! Thanks mom and dad for letting us tag along!

Little Fish

On Memorial Day we took The Rubes swimming for the first time. At first she was a little apprehensive, but then she loved it! (Not to mention it was right in the middle of nap time, so if she wasn't so enthralled in everything going on she would have been a total crank!) She looked just delicious in her little swimsuit! She's still a little small for her floatie so we just eventually took her out because she was frustrated that she couldn't sit up.

We hung out most of the time in the hot tub, minus the hot, because she loved all the bubbles.

It was such a fun time and I'm sure we'll be doing it a lot more this summer!

Don't look at my chest. Total cleavage. I need to add material so it goes up higher. Pervert, I know you just totally looked, I told you NOT to look!