Saturday, December 13, 2008

This is what happens when

One: the furniture all gets pushed out of the center
of the room so my dad can shampoo the carpet,
and Two: music gets put on.
Needless to say, things got a little crazy.

my mom with the cowboy move. Classic.

My pops with his, also a classic, shuffle move.
Similar to Albert Brenniman in Hitch.
Ya, you all know the scene I'm referring to.

And then my mom goes all kinds of crazy,
jumps on my back,
and starts throwing her arms in the air.
I honestly thought I was going to pee my pants.

Things definitely got out of hand when
Taylor Swift's Love Song got put on.
And by out of hand, I mean
freakin awesome!
Albert and I had way too much fun dancing around
and acting it out.

Then, the oh so charming fiance
decided to have a little dance party of his own!
It's ok, that's why I love him!

It was wonderful.
Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, a little Kid Rock for the mama...splendid.
I loved the music, I love that man, I love my family,
what a fun Saturday night!!

My sexy sister

So tonight was good ol' Mesa High's Winter Formal
and my youngest sister Aubrey got to go.
She. Looked. Gorgeous.
Seriously? Can anyone get any hotter?

I kinda went picture happy and took like a gajillion pictures of her, but that's my job as the annoying older sister. I just couldn't get over how pretty she looked! I mean honestly, not everyone can pull off such a sexy, slimming dress!

Wow. Aubrey, you look fantastic. Your date better be happy, cuz he got the prettiest girl in the room! Love you!

Heather's Birthday Dinner

Ok so last night my good friend Heather had her birthday dinner at BJs. SO FUN!! There were 18 of us total, and it was so much fun getting together with a lot of my high school friends and even meet a few other people.

This is one of my best friends from junior high and high school Allison, and her husband Josh. She was the first out of any of us to get married. I actually became good friends with Heather because we were both bridesmaids at Allie's wedding!!

And here's Kylie and her husband Brett, who just got married in October. Yay for marriage! They are freakin hysterical and attempted to down one of BJs HUGE deep dish pizzas, but barely made it through half! Amateurs...

Unfortunately, the 4th girl that was in our little clan in high school, Mallory, was at the other end of the table with her fiance and I didn't get a picture of her. Sorry Mal!!
Anyway, it was so much fun, and Albert and I had a blast going out with everyone!! It's so fun now that we're all mostly married or engaged because now we can all go out on group dates! WOOHOO!!!