Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm In LOVE With A Link

So...this morning I woke up. Like most days. However, this day was different. For one, The Bert had not kept me up since four puking his gutters out. That was different from yesterday. But like most days I took a shower, well who am I kidding I don't do that more than I do do that, but that's besides the point. So today I showered and then proceeded to turn on the lappy and attempt to steal internet from the classy Hambone bar across the street. SUCCESS! This is where the story gets really really exciting!!!! I plopped down on my couch all g rated, like I do most days, since I have decided I don't like wearing real clothes at home anymore, and turned on the internet, and signed into my email. Because for 47 days now I have logged into my email frantically about, oh I would say about 12.7 times a day, to see if the email from my photo-grapher saying my wedding pictures were there. Up until today, nothing. But today, today was different. You see today, as I'm sitting there all g rated with a towel on my head and a rumbling stomach and da sick sick hubbs dying in the next room, THE EMAIL WAS THERE!!! and then the heavens opened up and god said "i hate you alfalfa!" Well, that last part didn't happen. But what did happen was me peeing my pants a little out of excitement. Because they're awesome. And we're awesome. And you may call me vain, but that's because I am. And i'm pretty much in love with the pictures of me and da hubbs, and the reception, and everything. Because it. was. awesome.



Sunday, April 5, 2009

Um Ps I Love Her

'nuff said

Roof Disease


Say whaaatt??

Yep. Shingles.

No not this kind.

This kind:

disclaimer: this is not an actual picture of MY shingles. It's almost healed now so the picture just didn't do it justice. This is just some poor chap found on google images.

Sorry dude, I feel your pain.

sexy right??

That's what has been plaguing my neck for the last week and a half. It's itchy, and really painful, and annoying, and just downright


It also provokes a lot of weird looks, and some rather annoying questions: "Is that a hickey??"

Me: "Yes of course. Cuz that's what you do when you get married, you get really huge, scabby hickeys right in the middle of your neck where everyone can see them. Then you go to school like that, and work, and to your second grade classroom full of little innocent children. Yes, it's a hickey."

There may have been some sarcasm after about the tenth question.

Also, my personal favorite, you get the wonderful opportunity to take like ten pills a day to make it better. My record was 15.

It's finally getting better. Thank you genital herpes medicine.

(same meds. weird.)

PS: wedding/honeymoon/new apartment/nesting/lovely marriage life updates to come!