Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yuletide Activities

The past several years haven't really felt Holidayish to me.I'm not sure what it is, maybe just getting older, or busier, but it feels like probably as far back as high school the holidays are suddenly over and I never really feel like I got into them. Now that Ruby is getting older it's getting easier because she gets excited for things. So besides watching "choo choo" (The Polar Express) oh, like 30 times in the last week alone, here are some things we've been doing.

Helping decorate my parent's tree. Even though Amber and I are married and living out of the house, they still do it on a night we can all be there to help. I love this tree

Then going to get our own tree! All bundled up in their cute new hats and Sophie loving it as you can see

 Ruby loved helping to put on all the ornaments

Ruby still loves when I plug it in and it gets all lit up. I love that this tree is full of ornaments from growing up, ornaments Albert and I have gotten together, and now the new tradition we're starting of getting a new box of ornaments every year. My family did that every year growing up, we'd go pick out a box every year and as we get married and move out we each get one from each year to put on our own trees. So all our trees still have a little bit of home :) Albert and I started that this year! Christmas will be small this year, but that's ok. We have our girls, each other, and plenty of other blessings. Oh, and leaving for a week long California/Disneyland trip the day after Christmas helps!

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